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Richard P

Subway Restaurants

In 2007, the New York City Health Department issued regulations that required the addition of calorie information on all menus. That information had to be posted on the menu itself (as opposed to posters or other locations) and the values needed to be “as large or larger than the price point”. Among all major restaurant chains impacted by this rule (which was later overturned), only Subway actually rolled out menus that were in compliance with the rule. alike.

Richard P

Carl’s Jr. – Channel Islands Roasting Co.

Creation and Launch of a New Captive Brand and Product Line

In 2004, research came back that said consumers hated Carl’s coffee. That same research indicated that although Starbucks was ranked far ahead of all others, those others were all closely grouped together. Rather than pay a premium for the use of another coffee brand’s name, we created our own specialty coffee brand, Channel Islands Roasting Company (CIRC). Complete with it’s own legal line, web site and phone number, CIRC was successful at allowing Carl’s to take a 70% price increase on top on a far lower food and paper increase while quintupling overall coffee sales.

Richard P

Carl’s Jr.

New Menus – First Total Menu Redesign in 15 Years

Carl’s Jr. had not redesigned their menu for some time and, with the addition of the new “Six Dollar Burger” line, it had maxed out on space. Working to design a menu that was photo driven (since nearly 20% of the US population is functionally illiterate and Carl’s Jr does business in many Spanish dominant communities) that was cheaper to produce and update was the primary mission of the project. In the process, the opportunity to use the menu to shift product mix into more profitable menu items became apparent. Overall, menu mix shifts accounted for, on average, a 10% jump in year over year profits when adjusted for simultaneous sales growth during the same period.



Richard P

Sonic Drive-Ins

New Drive-Ins, New Markets, New Customers

For many years, Sonic had been growing within the Southern tier states, bringing the brand to customers that, likely, had some past exposure to the brand. Starting in 2007 however, the brand started to rapidly expand into markets that had previously never been exposed to Sonic and where consumers were unfamiliar with what Sonic calls its “Brand Treasures”. In an effort to communicate these products to new market customers, I created a new store launch POP set that included elements that introduced Cherry Limeades, Extra-Long Chili Cheese Coneys and more, resulting in great feedback from customers and operators alike.